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Hidden Valley, Springfield, Ohio
That photo is probably just few weeks old.
Springfield Airbase. 
That photos is only few weeks old. Very nice to finally see how much more I need to get done to call it "finished".
Hidden Spring Ranch, 04/03/12 
New addition. Can you see it?
It was a rainy day.... 
Photo taken Spring 2011.
where is Noah when we need him!?!? 
Photo taken Spring 2011.
Airbase 2009 
Latest overview picture I found on the internet. Funny how the field has changed since that photo.
Not much gap to fill now.
Here is the latest and greatest photo of the airbase as of tonight 20:45 :D 
I did not line up my 2 shots properly and I forgot the automatic...
Getting there. It is difficult to work when it is 95degr. out 
I purposely used photoshop since I could not fit the whole thing in one frame (from...
another section added to the clinic. Wondering if I am effectively closing the gaps ....Time will tell
latest and far.
Sorry, I uploaded the wrong picture earlier this week :D
The latest picture of the armory. I can already delete the previous picture of it lol.
This is what the airbase looks like as of 03/03/11 
Still so much to get done.
What the field look like lately. Far from being done...
View on the artilleries from the Airport Tower (looking East)
Airport Tower
Emerald City HQ before the bombardments
Refinery between Browntown and Emerald city (Looking North-West)
Browntown Hospital
Browntown Metal shack. Being stuck in it while M249s empty their mags on the metal sheets. Priceless.
South-East View from the Airport Tower
Airport North view.
Goldcity North view (looking at the downtown)

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