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My airsoft stuff.

Current Collection:
-Classic Army G3. Mostly SHS internals, R-hopped, probably will buy an ORGA barrel.
-Classic Army HK53. Again, mostly SHS internals. Has a HUTU from Jonezy.
-E1 G36KV. Upgrade parts? Everything.
-WE 1911. Mix of Novak and standard 1911 parts.
-Battle belt and H-Harness in Khaki.
Classic Army HK53.  
I finally got this one working. Internals are mostly SHS, I have a HUTU from Jonezy I'm installing, as well as some r-hop...
I got bored again, and put a PSG-1 (I think) Front end on my HK33. SL8 in picture for size comparison.
Projects - Got all these parts out of a lot I bought recently. 
L85 Thing - Army L85 lower, had to replace piston. M16 barrel, SR25 QD Can. Just...
I just found this somewhere... Lunch at BF8. Had to upload because lunch was the onyl time we saw more than 5 green at one time. 
On left of trail...
My Battlebelt/H-Harness in Khaki. Finally got around to ordering it. My friend has the double mag pouch that goes on the drop leg... Also new knee...
Put the SL8 front end on my G36, wanted to see if the event coordinators would let me use is as a support weapon.
My SL8 w/ finished externals, including a homemade short mag. Added a SRC 6.03 tightbore inside, as well.
Anothe SL8 pic.
Another SL8 pic...
The family. Top to bottom: TM M14 Socom, CA SL8, G36C (was an Echo1, replaced almost everything).
The trades on my CA SL8. For some reason, they still say G36C. Whatever.
I put a G36 front end on my SL8. Just because I can. And added a suppressor. So...its an SL8C?
CA SL8 - My future DMR, needs an R-Hop and an some kind of optic. 
SHS - air nozzle, cylinder head, gears (18:1), bushings (7mm),...
My old TM M14. Didn't want to delete this picture, too nice looking.
E1 G36CV - My 5 year old baby 
 - AK Length TBB 
 - Firefly Bucking 
 - CNC Metal Hopup Unit 
 - Polycarb Piston & Piston Head 
 - M100...

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